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ZBase - Podcast Interview with Scott Thiessen, Director

Scott Thiessen from Jack Zink high adventure base (ZBASE) was the guest for this edition of the High Adventure Scouting Podcast.

Jack Zink high adventure base (ZBASE) is a high adventure leadership based program that will be operated by the Indian Nations Council and serve Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts as well as high adventure enthusiasts on a regional basis. The leadership curriculum will provide an outdoor discovery based classroom designed to develop participants’ leadership skills and learn more about themselves and others in a hands-on, active experience. The programs offered will be unique to not only the area, but to scouting in general. ZBASE will encompass 35,000 acres on Zink Ranch as well as 10,000 acres of Skiatook Lake.

THE PURPOSE OF ZBASE IS THREEFOLD: become the premier regional (and eventually national) high adventure base, help maintain the relevance of the scouting principles to today’s youth, and be seen as a leadership training center. Zink Ranch has a tradition of hosting various scouting activities and is a fitting site for this one of a kind high adventure base.


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