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Yellowstone High Adventure Outpost

High adventure is a lynchpin to keep older youth involved in all areas of Scouting. There are all kinds of distractions that happen as our youth get older. Most everyone knows about the BSA sponsored national high adventure bases so we’ll try and concentrate first on the Council based options and work our way from there.

The feature in this blog post is the Yellowstone High Adventure Outpost sponsored by the Greater Wyoming Council in Wyoming. This high adventure option is a part of Camp Buffalo Bill. They have some great options for any Scout unit. See the list below.


  • Backpacking

  • Backpacking/Kayaking

  • Canoeing

From the base website, “The Yellowstone High Adventure Outpost provides a premier High Adventure experience for independent crews and scouts at CBB who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the largest contiguous wilderness in the lower 48."

To take advantage of this great option contact the Yellowstone High Adventure Outpost at http://www.campbuffalobill.com/program/yellowstone-high-adventure-outpost/

Contact Information:

Greater Wyoming Council

3939 Casper Mountain. Rd. Casper, WY 82601 307-234-7329

Phone:  (307) 234-7329

Email: CentralWyoming.Council@scouting.org

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