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A few months ago I saw a facebook ad for a new inflatable pillow from Klymit. I knew the great products they have as I own a the Klymit Pillow X and have been completely satisfied with the performance thus far. The deal was awesome as they were introducing it to the public so I felt like I got in on the ground floor.

I’ve tried several inflatable pillows and they don’t seem to support my neck like I would like. The four-chamber design of the Klymit pillow allows for quick inflation. I’ve taken it on several trips and it is extremely comfortable and packs into a very small footprint. At 3.2 oz it is barely there in your pack.

It does not come with a pillowcase or covering but that’s not a show stopper. I usually use one of my shirts that I plan to wear the next day as the pillow case. Great product for those who need a pillow and don’t want the bulk of a typical camping pillow. You can take a look at the pillow here.

You can also get a FREE pillow through this offer for a limited time - https://offer.klymit.com/pillow-x-2/

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