The information contained in this website was designed out necessity on the part of our Scout Troop.  When our Philmont Scout Ranch trek was cancelled in 2018 due to fire we wanted to find another place to go for the boys who were interested.  It was a difficult task finding all of the available options.  It became painfully obvious that the information was difficult to come by for all the high adventure options.  We developed a spreadsheet with the options we could find and then planned a trip.  As our research continued, we found that there were a bunch of options outside the typical high adventure bases. 


It is our experience that high adventure is the lynchpin to keeping many of the youth ages 14-18 in our Troops.  This website has been developed for the purpose of providing as much information on high adventure options as possible.  Whether it’s the typical national high adventure trips, council bases or independent options, we want to provide as much information for you as a leader.  You get to take full advantage of our research efforts.  Hopefully this resource will help you plan just the right high adventure trip.  

If you see any mistakes or omissions from our lists please let us know at info@highadventurescouting.com.  Conversely if you have some great experiences in your own unit please share them with the masses as we will distill the information into the website and give your unit credit for the find.  

Happy High Adventure!

This website is for information purposes only and is not affiliated directly with the national Boy Scouts of America.  All information on this website is subject to change as new information is received.  

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